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Fargo HDP8500 ID Card Printer

Part no. 88500


With the new FARGO® HDP8500 Industrial Card Printer/Encoder, HID Global delivers the most reliable, high duty performance ID card printer in the industry.


The FARGO HDP8500, featuring HID’s High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) technology, is the superior industrial ID printer for extended-run, high throughput credential personalization and issuance. It’s especially suited for the high duty cycle requirements of large government ID card programs, laborious service bureau conditions, and demanding university and large enterprise environments.

With the FARGO HDP8500, you’ll get a print system loaded with features that ensure reliability, from enhanced card and consumable material handling to air filtration. You’ll get a system that performs—it has one of the highest card input capacities in the industry and requires minimal operator intervention, saving time and money. And, you’ll get a system that’s designed for operational and issuance security. The HDP8500 is enabled within the HID Global Trusted Identity Platform™ (TIP). With its built-in security features from operator PIN number access and multi-locking entry points, to data encryption and resin ribbon data-erase functionality, you’ll know your system is secure.

Wherever high duty cycle and throughput is required, the FARGO HDP8500 delivers. Backed by HID Global’s 45 years of manufacturing excellence and three-year hardware warranty, it’s the ideal solution for unparalleled quality, performance and security.



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HDP8500 ID Card Printer by Fargo

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