Dascom LA2600+ / LA2610+ (DEC ANSI) Dot Matrix Printers

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Dascom LA2600+ / LA2610+ (DEC ANSI) Dot Matrix Printers

The new Tally Dascom 2600+ & 2610+ are the further developed variant of the successful Tally Dascom 2600 & 2610.

Thanks to the two-part upper cover, the printed pages can now be removed even more easily from the end of the book. A metal tear bar ensures that even thicker paper or multiple sets are separated cleanly. The durable ribbon for 15 million characters can easily be replaced. The new ribbon mask ensures that the ribbon is inserted correctly. In addition to the standard interfaces USB, Parallel and Ethernet (with IPv6 support), the Tally Dascom 2600+ & 2610+ now also have a USB host interface, so that new firmware can easily be installed with the help of a USB stick.

The new print head is not only up to 20% faster, but also allows for a noise reduction of up to 2 decibels thanks to its design.

  • DEC® Emulation
  • Print speed up to 683 cps
  • 20,000 pages per month workload
  • 24 pin print head for excellent print quality
  • Straight through paper path for easy forms loading
  • Ethernet with IPv6 support, parallel and USB interfaces standard
  • USB Host interface for easy firmware update
  • Metal tear bar

Dot Matrix Specification

Print Speed683 cps (Fastest Draft) | 600 cps (HS-Draft), 513 cps (Draft), 114 cps (LQ) at 10 cpi
ResolutionUp to 360 x 360dpi
Printhead Life500 million dots per wire
Memory256 kB
Standard ConnectivityParallel (Bi-directional), USB 2.0, Ethernet (10/100 BaseT), Serial RS232, DEC MMJ Adapter included
Standard EmulationDEC PPL2, IBM ProPrinter XL24, Epson ESC/P2, MTPL + Barcode + LCP
FontsHS Draft, Draft, Courier, Roman, Sans Serif, Prestige, Script, OCR-A/B, 14 Barcodes and large character printing
ConsumablesRibbon: 6 million characters
Standard Paper HandlingOne tractor useable as push (front or rear) or pull (top) version, continuous paper with straight paper path and park position, cut sheet front insertion, tear or front off
Number of CopiesPush tractor front: 1 original + 5 copies; Pull tractor top: 1 original + 1 copy; Cut sheet: 1 original + 5 copies
Paper TypeCut sheets, continuous forms, multi-part forms
Paper Weight60-120 g/m²
Paper SizeWidth: 3.0 to 11.0 in, 76 to 278 mm; Length: 3.0 to 23.6 in, 76 to 599 mm
Physical Weight18.9 lbs, 8,6 kg
Physical Size18.0 x 10.4 x 7.9 in (W x D x H) 458 x 265 x 200 mm
Acoustic52 dB(A)

Further Information

2610+ Datasheet

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