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DTM Catalyst V8e Laser Label Marking System

Introducing the revolutionary Catalyst V8e Laser Marking System, renowned for its ability to create highly durable custom labels and tags that excel in harsh industrial environments for extended periods.

This cutting-edge system is capable of producing a wide array of labels, including asset tags, barcode/QR code labels, serial tags, warning labels, instruction panels, and more. These labels are designed to endure rugged conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

What sets the Catalyst V8e apart is its advanced technology, combining printing on robust pre-laminated label substrates with an integrated Digital Die-Cutting™ system. This feature allows for the creation of labels in any desired shape or size. Moreover, the system operates without the need for additional filtration or fume extraction equipment, minimizing both initial setup costs and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative Imaging and Cutting Technology:

    • The Catalyst V8e utilizes a patented bundle package of fiber-coupled laser diodes to laser-image onto a special laser film (CLF) manufactured by Schreiner. This CLF material offers exceptional resistance to environmental damage, including chemicals, abrasion, and blowing sand.
    • Unlike other laser marking systems that produce smoke and fumes during the cutting process, the Catalyst V8e employs an X/Y knife blade plotter to cut through the CLF material, resulting in zero emissions without the need for filtration or noisy smoke extraction.
  2. User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance:

    • Setting up and operating the Catalyst V8e is quick and straightforward, thanks to its self-installing driver and PrintHub™ for Windows.
    • The system comes with BarTender® UltraLite label design and printing software, with upgrade options available for advanced features such as database integration with SAP®, Oracle®, and other ERP systems.
    • Standard connectivity options include wired USB 2.0 and Ethernet.
    • Maintenance primarily involves keeping the machine's interior free of dust generated during the digital die-cutting process. Additionally, the long-life laser diodes and fiber-optic couplers are replaceable if necessary, ensuring minimal downtime.

In summary, the Catalyst V8e Laser Marking System offers unparalleled durability, versatility, and ease of use, making it the ideal choice for industrial labeling applications requiring long-lasting performance in challenging environments.