Dascom DC-7600 Retransfer Card Printer

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Dascom DC-7600 Retransfer Card Printer

Excellent print quality and watermarks

Thanks to the high resolution of the printed output, micro-fonts, complex barcodes and detailed images can be reproduced in high quality. With the use of “O” or “H” ribbons, individual watermarks and logos can be implemented quickly and inexpensively as an additional security feature.

High productivity and easy handling

With an output of 144 cards per hour for single-sided colour printing, the DASCOM DC-7600 is most suited for medium to large-scale production. It is very easy to change consumables, both the YMCK colour ribbons as well as the transfer ribbon are ideally matched, and allow unsupervised printing of up to 500 cards.

Easy connection

The printer has a USB and ethernet interface as standard, thus allowing connection to a network.

Creating cards

With the free basic version of the DASCOM CardEditor software, diverse card designs can be easily created and printed. With the professional version, they can also be linked to databases.

Wide range of cards

The DC-7600 can process cards made from different materials - PVC, PET, polycarbonate as well as ABS. With dimensions of 85.6 x 53.98, both popular ISO ID-1/CR-80 formats can be processed while the standard card flattener corrects bows and warping with PVC cards.


The DC-5100 laminator is optionally available and can be used as a stand-alone laminator or connected to the DC-7600 to give added protection and security to printed cards.

ID Card Printer Specification

Sided PrintingDual
Print MethodRe-Transfer
Resolution600 x 600 dpi
Print SpeedSingle Side: 144 cards/hour Dual Side: 65 cards/hour
Accepted Card SizesISO ID-1/CR-80
Accepted Card Thickness0,25 - 1,27 mm
Data InterfaceUSB (2.0), Ethernet (10/100)
UV PrintingYes