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The Next Evolution in ID Card Issuance

HID FARGO Connect from HID Global isa cloud-based card issuance platformthat simplifies the complex, bringing allthe elements of a secure card issuanceprogram into a centralized and integratedsystem. This is a new way of thinking aboutan organization’s card issuance program— one that combines hardware, software,consumables and services through themost secure cloud technologies available.Designed to integrate with popular accesscontrol and university One Card solutionssuch as HID SAFE™, CBORD® and others —the HID FARGO Connect platform simplifiesoperation and support of the entire ID cardissuance office, all while increasing controland security.

Seamless technology partner integrationnot only reduces card office complexities,it streamlines the operator experience asusers are no longer required to toggle back-and-forth between record management andcard issuance applications. More broadly,organizations can also eliminate multiplelayers of program costs, gain issuanceprocess efficiencies and easily scale the cardoffice to accommodate future technology orvolume demands.

With Fargo Connect you can

  • Design card templates, capture data,personalize and securely issue ID cardsfrom anywhere using any supported device
  • Gain full printer visibility and control via theplatform’s realtime dashboard — allowingyou to address printer maintenanceproactively and eliminate consumables out-of-stock issues
  • Leverage the flexibility of an on-premise orhosted cloud solution, enabling issuancewithout additional software or printerdrivers — eliminating the need for cardoffice-dedicated PCs and their associatedcosts and maintenance
  • Use the platform’s Secure Print feature tosafely and securely send encrypted printjobs to remote locations — eradicatingexpensive card shipping fees andsecurity concerns
  • Enjoy peace of mind with end-to-end,banking-level, certificate-based encryptionof all sensitive card print data