Psion Wireless Batteries

ModelOEM Part No.ChemistryVoltageCapacityWatts
703019515, 1080174Ni-MH7.22700mAh19.44
703520605-002, 20605-003, 1916926Li-ion7.42200mAh16.28
7530, 7530 G2 Scanner Series - Extended CapacityCV3001, 1080144-00Li-ion10.83350mAh36.18
7530, 7530 G2 ScannerCV3001, 1080144-00Li-ion11.12600mAh28.86
7535, 7535 G2 Extended CapacityHU3000, 1030070, P30070,1080141-001, 1080141-002Li-ion7.42400mAh17.76
7535, 7535 G2HU3000, 1030070, P30070,1080141-001, 1080141-002Li-ion7.41950mAh14.43
Workabout Pro, 7525 G1, G2  7527C/S G2, NEO, WAP3 Extended Capacity1050494,1050192-002, 104001, 1030286, WA3000, WA3002, WA3006, WA3010Li-ion3.74800mAh17.76
Workabout Pro, Workabout Pro, 7525 G1, G2  7527 C/S G2, NEO, WAP31050494,1050192-002, 104001, 1030286, WA3000, WA3002, WA3006Li-ion3.73600mAh13.32

We guarantee that the quality and craftsmanship of our replacement batteries will meet or exceed the performance of the original OEM battery. All of our batteries use Japanese cells, are date stamped and are backed by a one year limited warranty from date of purchase.

This guarantee is also extended to the cells so that they maintain a minimum of 80% of their rated capacity for 12 months.