DTM RW-8 Label Rewinder - RW-8

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DTM RW-8 Label Rewinder

  • Supports up to 250 mm (10") OD with a roll weight of up to 8 kg
  • Control panel allows the user to set a speed limit and winding directions
  • User adjustable winding speed of up to 500 mm/s (19.6"/s)
  • L-shaped support arm enables the use of heavy and wide rolls
  • Usable as rewinder and unwinder by easily switching from "Face-In" to "Face-Out” mode

The RW-8 Label Rewinder from DTM Print is your perfect accessory for heavy duty jobs and complements the DTM Winder Series in the upper range for up to 220 mm (8.66") wide rolls. The RW-8 offers support for heavy rolls with its solid metal construction.