Re-engineered Toners & Inks

The process

Everything starts with the return of empties, meaning that we take back empty toner cartridges of all common manufacturers which are then disassembled to their component parts and cleaned thoroughly.

The completely assembled toner cartridge is then filled with high-quality toner powder, provided with a new chip and tested individually to guarantee perfect quality.

Quality control

By using particularly low consumption toner powder and long life Drum and hopper units we can improve the yield of numerous products significantly.

We guarantee OEM quality at an exceptional price-service ratio. We not only test every single cartridge in a singular process, but also the page yield of all recycled products comply at least with the original specifications and often they have an even longer lifespan and page yield.

We guarantee consistent quality, function and durability of our rebuilt toner and inks by means of permanent production control meaning we can offer a three year warranty on all products.

There is no compromise on image print and colour quality offered by 'compatible' products, and no risk of printer damage due to inferior toner or ink.

Environmental impact

Our use of recycled and re-engineered OEM cartridges not only reduces the cost of manufacture, but also reduces the environmental impact of single use plastics.

Standard, high and ultra-high capacity models also bring cost and environmental benefits with up to 3 times the page yield.

Our toner powders are analysed prior to use to comply with the limits of cobalt, nickel, chromium VI, TVOC, styrene and benzene, as well as for the content of organotin compounds. Wherever possible, we only use toner powder that complies with these guidelines and has been tested by the LGA. The LGA relies on many years of experience and extensive research in the field of toner analysis and device testing.