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Retail Wrapping gets Personal at Hallmark


PIY Ribbons, an exciting new innovation for UK retailers, has been successfully trialled at Hallmark. PIY Ribbons is a unique system comprising point-of-sale tablet computer and printer that produces high quality satin ribbons printed with the customers’ personal message.

‘PIY Ribbons is great, everyone loves being able to personalise a gift’ says Leanne Gibbons of the Hallmark store, Rainhill.  ‘We’re using it on lots of products…Teddy bears are very popular for new baby gifts. We add the message ‘Welcome xxx into the world’ and wrap the ribbon around’.

‘Yankee candles and balloons are other big sellers. We charge £2 when the gift is bought from us and £3 when they’re taking it for one they have at home’.

PIY Ribbons ‘offers a lovely finishing touch that people are really valuing’ according to Leanne. ‘All card and gift products can have a ribbon’ she adds.

Bespoke items can be catered for too, with the store offering pre-ordered sashes for Weddings, Christenings, hen parties, Holy Communions etc. at £5 for children and £7 for adults.


PIY Ribbons is being sold in the UK by Bannerbridge plc. For further information look online at