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Matica XL8300 Event Badge Printer

Event badge printing with Matica XL8300

Matica’s new XL8300 utilizes the trialed retransfer printing technology to offer superior quality event badge printing on non-standard, wide format cards. This model extends Matica’s broad portfolio to meet the rising demands of the event management industry.

Concert organizers, professional sports leagues or large marketing agencies can rely on XL8300 to express what their event stands for. Oversized cards may serve as event passes or tickets, as well as name tags to identify regular attendees, VIPs or staff. Lastly, they are able to facilitate security and access control.

With an output of up to 128 cards per hour in the monochrome mode and up to 85 cards per hour in full color, this model can give you a peace of mind even in the times of pressing deadlines and mounting tasks. Its compact size makes for easy on-site event badge printing without compromising the office space.

Create oversized cards and badges that reflect your brand image

Whether a sports event, a convention, a conference or a concert – a well-designed event badge creates the first impression of your brand and contributes to your guests’ overall experience. Large, easily identifiable oversized cards are a part of this equation.

Matica’s event badge printing solution offers the largest printable area on the market and superior 300 dpi printing quality to seamlessly reflect the image of your brand or organization: from professional to playful, from subtle to stimulating.

Integrating the same retransfer printing technology as Matica’s bestselling XID8300 model, the XL8300 extends the offering of crisp and clear printing to the oversized card format and delivers the same production quality as the rest of the XID Series 8 family.

This event badge printer lets you choose between monochrome carbon black shades or a full color range. Furthermore, you are not bound to the standard PVC cards, but can also opt for additional card materials, such as ABS and PET as well.

Regulate access and ensure visitor security

Especially during large events or when your guests come and go throughout the day, a bold or color-coded oversized badge can help identify your visitors at a glance, as well as help your staff regulate the entrance to sitting zones or VIP events.

Event badges also serve a function for your attendees, for instance, by making staff members easy to spot. Likewise, the guests at a professional event can rely on these oversized cards to recognize each other, strike up a conversation and establish connections outside of the formal networking events.

Matica’s XL8300 further incorporates a number of security features to round off its event badge printing offerings. These include a contactless chip encoding option for sites with specialized security requirements, as well as UV printing that lets you add an invisible logo, text or watermarks to protect your badges against forgery.

In sum, the XL8300 is a perfect choice for high quality color printing on oversized cards. It accommodates the needs of the event management industry particularly well, thanks to its output capacity and additional security features.

ID Card Printer Specification

Sided PrintingSingle Sided
Print MethodRe-Transfer
Colour CapabilityFull Colour / Monochrome
Print Speed85 cards/hr
Accepted Card SizesCR-80 & Oversized Cards
Accepted Card Thickness0.25 - 1.02 mm
Data InterfaceUSB 2.0 and Ethernet
Input Hopper Capacity100
Output Hopper Capacity100
UV PrintingYes

Further Information

XL8300 Datasheet