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HID Technology 86413 Asure ID 7 Enterprise

Friendly and intuitive interface – Enhanced user experience makes photo ID card design and data entry a breeze.
Choose Your Source – Easily print cards from records stored in Asure ID’s internal database. Or with our real time data exchange feature Live Link™, you can share across multiple workstations directly from your network’s HR, security or ERP database.

Customized Reporting, Securely Delivered – In addition to standard ready-to-view reports, manipulating data with filtering, sorting and grouping has never been easier to configure and save in a custom report. With definable reporting privileges extended to application-wide password protection, Asure ID Enterprise enhances your ID data security.

Productivity has never looked better.

Asure ID offers much more than good looks, it provides a dramatic speed boost. Everything you need to design and populate a card is right in front of you in a crisp, clean environment that allows the user to glide from data entry to card design to printing and reporting.

Everyday work made effortless.

Routine tasks can be performed with a couple of mouse clicks. It’s a snap to capture or load a photo, void a card or set the print counter. And you can populate card data fields directly from the internal Microsoft Access™ database. These and other frequently-used features are within easy reach on the Microsoft® “Ribbon”-inspired toolbar.

Standard features:

Asure ID “remembers” with automatic startup loading of the last template and report used.
Quick Filter wildcard search on any field in the database. Global Find extends this convenience across all linked databases and templates.

Additional features:

SIF Agent Optional Add-on. Asure ID Enterprise meets the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) standard, allowing consistent data sharing and elimination of double data entry and inconsistencies across other SIF-compliant schools and districts.

Asure ID Enterprise expands database connectivity and networking for enterprise class card issuance with support for Microsoft Access and SQL databases and ODBC import. When your needs grow to include technology card support, simply upgrade to Asure ID Exchange to add features and functionality.

Simply intuitive.

For all its power and convenience, the most surprising part of Asure ID is its intuitive nature. Tools and processes have been so carefully designed that it seems to anticipate what you need next.

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