Access Control & Biometrics

As a long established authorised distributor for HID Global, we can supply a wide range of their physical access control card readers. Choose from high-frequency, multi-technology or legacy contactless technology that best meets your need for door, parking and gate access control. HID readers will work with most third party access control systems.

Bannerbridge have been distributing biometric readers for many years, including fingerprint, fingervein and iris recognition types. We are currently authorised distributors for the Morpho range of biometric readers.

Biometric access control is a cutting-edge security solution that leverages unique physiological or behavioral traits to grant or deny access to physical or digital spaces. This advanced technology enhances security and convenience across various industries.

Biometric access control systems can utilize fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans, voice recognition, and even palm prints to authenticate individuals. These biometric identifiers are incredibly accurate and difficult to forge, making them highly secure.

One of the primary advantages of biometric access control is its efficiency. It eliminates the need for traditional methods like keys or access cards, reducing the risk of unauthorized access due to lost or stolen credentials. Moreover, it offers real-time authentication, ensuring only authorized individuals gain entry, enhancing overall security.

In today's security-conscious world, biometric access control is a trusted solution for organizations looking to safeguard their premises and sensitive data effectively. It provides robust protection, seamless user experience, and a future-proof security infrastructure.