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Professional is a feature rich edition of CardFocus, allowing the customer to conveniently and securely access databases over their network. Many databases with ODBC drivers are supported, so getting at data for use on cards has never been easier. Despite all the advanced features such as client/server networking, image cropping, data search and customizable report generation, Professional remains very easy to use.

At Sabadille Systems, we build our software systems with ease of use and flexibility as our primary goals. CardFocus is designed to install easily and have you creating and printing cards in very little time.

Ergonomic User Interface

The design of CardFocus is such that the user or operator can locate all the operational features on the same main screen. The in-built WYSIWYG card designer means no need for separate programs to design and layout your cards - everything is on one screen.

Image Capture

The powerful CardFocus imaging facility is uesed to acquire images from a live camera or a scanner, or simply import an existing graphics file. CardFocus provides image manipulation techniques that include image cropping, rotation and resizing. Photos and graphics such as logos can be placed both on the card and in the customer's database.

Database Connectivity

Cards are designed to link to a datafile or database in the CardFocus integrated environment. As well as MS Excel and MS Access, seamless connections can also be made to ODBC enabled databases such as Oracle and SQL Server.

Flexible Reports

A data filter is created to run over the database and generate just the report that is required. Data reports are viewed in the CardFocus report editor or sent to the printer.

Secure and Reliable

CardFocus provides two traditional methods of security: setting Username and Password access to the system and setting user level access rights which can be used to limit what parts of the card production system the user can access or change.

Barcoding and Magnetic Stripe and Smart Chip Encoding

With a powerful built-in barcode module, cards can include barcodes using a wide range of barcode symbologies. Magnetic stripes can be encoded according to ISO standard encoding and CardFocus includes a facility for invoking external smart chip encoding programs.


Fingerprints and signatures are captured using plug-in devices from producers of compatible biometric capture devices.

World-class Software

All components of CardFocus are based on Sabadille Systems' many years of experience in designing and implementing world-class software systems.

Further Information

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