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Primera LX3000e Colour Label Printer

The all-new Big Ink™ system delivers low costs per label with outstanding speed and print quality.


Colour Label Printers

  • Print on demand
  • Create & edit your labels instantly
Simple to Use
  • Easy to operate
  • Designed to be used by anyone
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • No need to order 1000's of wasted pre-printed labels
  • Only use the label stock you need

Colour label printers are indispensable tools for businesses aiming to enhance branding, product presentation, and organization. These printers produce vibrant, eye-catching labels ideal for packaging, marketing, and product identification. They offer versatility in label design, allowing customization with logos, images, and text.

Colour label printers streamline operations by reducing reliance on pre-printed labels, saving time and costs. They are pivotal in industries such as retail, food, and manufacturing, where product differentiation is crucial.

With an array of options available, including compact desktop models and high-volume industrial printers, selecting the right colour label printer depends on specific needs. Moreover, modern colour label printers are equipped with user-friendly software, making label creation intuitive and efficient.

Investing in a colour label printer enhances brand visibility and professionalism while optimizing labeling processes, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to boost their market presence.

Primera LX-series label printers FAQ

1. What are the main differences between the three label printers?

  • Label Width:
    1. LX500e/LX500ec will print on a label from 19mm (0.75”) up to 108mm (4.25”) wide
    2. LX2000e will print on a label from 13mm (0.50”) up to 210mm (8.25”) wide; minimum liner width is 38mm (1.5”) and can be up to 213mm (8.375”) wide
  • Label Length:
    1. LX500e/LX500ec will print a label from 19mm (0.75”) up to 610mm (24”) long
    2. LX2000e will print a label from 13mm (0.50”) up to 609.6mm (24”) long
  • Ink Cartridges:
    LX500e utilizes a single Cyan/Magenta/Yellow (CMY) ink cartridge that combines colours to make a process black.
    LX2000e have separate ink cartridges, in pigment ink only. You also save money on ink since only the tank that runs out of ink needs to be replaced.
  • Label Rolls:
    LX500e has a 51mm (2”) core with label roll Outside Diameter (OD) of 127mm (5”).
    LX2000e have a 76mm (3”) core with an OD of 152mm (6”).
  • Speed:
    1. At default print speed, LX500e prints 8 102x76mm (4” x 3”) labels per minute or 480 labels per hour.
    2. At default speed, LX2000e prints a 102x76mm (4” x 3”) label at 30/minute or 1800/hour.

2. What is the average cost per label?

It depends upon the amount of coverage and the colours used in your designs. If you’d like to email us a .jpg of your actual label, we can run a test through the printer’s software to give you a very close approximate cost.

3. How many labels can you print per ink cartridge or set of ink carts?

It depends upon the amount of coverage and the colours used in your designs. If you’d like to email us a .jpg of your actual label, we can run a test through the printer’s software to give you a very close approximate number of labels for that design. We can also give you this general information:

  • LX500e: at 50% coverage on a 102x76mm (4” x 3”) label at default print resolution, you’ll get about 600 to 800 labels per ink cartridge
  • LX2000e: at 50% coverage on a 102x76mm (4” x 3”) label at default print resolution, you’ll get about 1200 to 2300 labels per set of ink cartridges

4. Which printers offer a built-in label cutter?

LX500ec and LX2000e both offer a built-in "pizza-wheel" style label cutter.

5. What operating systems do these printers support?

  • LX500e: Windows® 7/10+ and Mac: OS X v10.8+ (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks+)
  • LX2000e: Windows® 7/10+ and Mac: OS X v10.8+ (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks+)

Regarding Windows XP and Vista, our printer drivers will still work on it. However, since Microsoft has ceased support for XP and Vista, we have no choice but to also no longer support XP and Vista.

6. What is the highest resolution each printer is capable of printing?

All three can print up to 4800 dpi.

7. Do the printers come with software to design my labels?

Yes, it comes with a basic design program for Windows called NiceLabel SE Primera Edition or with Bartender Ultralite. Both programs allow you to import graphics, logos, etc. and add things like bar codes. You can also design your labels in a fully featured design program, save them as high-resolution .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .png or .pdf files and use our software to arrange them onto your label stock and print. Or, you can print directly out of your own graphic design software such Adobe Illustrator as long as that software allows you to change the page sizes to the sizes of your labels.

For Mac, we don’t include software since most Mac users prefer to print directly from programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. We offer the Mac software Labels & Addresses now for all registered Primera label printer customers for free.

8. Does this printer do barcodes?

Yes, it comes with NiceLabel SE, Bartender or Labels & Addresses software which includes just about every bar code font used in business and industry world-wide, including 2D bar codes.

9. Are the labels waterproof?

We hesitate to use the word “waterproof“, but several of our label substrates, when printed onto by LX2000e, are highly water-resistant. We do not recommend LX500e for labels that will be exposed to water. The black on LX500e is made by mixing cyan, magenta and yellow. That much ink saturation can smear when it gets wet no matter which label stock you use.

It is important to match the right substrate for your particular application. This is especially true for water-resistance. Before ordering a large quantity of blank labels you should try out some printed labels on your products in the environment in which they’ll be used. In general, we suggest a synthetic substrate for high-humidity or wet environments. Vinyl, Ploy White Matte, Poly White Gloss, Poly Clear Gloss and Poly White Matte BS-certified label stocks are ideal.

The most water-resistant substrate we sell is the clear and white polyester labels. However, they are also the most expensive. Vinyl is a great alternative but again should be tested before ordering a large quantity of blank labels. It is also ideal for very small or irregularly-shaped containers since it is very soft and conformable. For applications where water isn’t a concern, our Paper High Gloss labels perform exceptionally well and are affordable, too.

For those who need a GHS compliant label solution, LX2000e are the perfect choice. With the pigment ink and Primera’s Poly White Matte BS-certified material, LX2000e had already passed Section 3, BS5609 testing. The testing included removal of print by adhesive tape, abrasion resistance and permanence of print evaluations under extreme conditions, including exposure to UV light and repeated salt spray and immersion. The material and printed images from LX2000e passed in all three categories.

10. Are your ink cartridges refillable?

No, they are not. They are designed and manufactured for one-time-only use.

11. Are any of your printers wireless?

Yes, the LX2000e can be connected via USB 2.0 or through Ethernet or built-in wireless.

DTM Print

DTM Print, a member of the DTM Group, is an international OEM and solution provider based in Germany. As a pioneer in specialty printing and with over 32 years of experience in developing individual printing services, it represented the US brand Primera Technology, Inc. under the name Primera Europe GmbH in EMEA for many years. Beside own products, it work closely with well-known manufacturers like Primera and OKI to provide the best possible printing solution.

Primera Technology, Inc

Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, Primera Technology, Inc. is the world‘s leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment including the LX-Series Colour Label Printers, AP-Series Label Applicators and CX1200e Colour Label Press and FX1200e Digital Finishing System.

Primera distributes its products in more than 200 countries with service and support for North America, Latin America and South America from Plymouth, Minnesota. EMEA customers are serviced and supported from DTM Print in Wiesbaden, Germany. Primera Asia Pacific, located in Hong Kong, serves customers in Asia Pacific.