CR-80 30mil (PVC) Coloured Cards

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  CR-80 30mil (PVC) Coloured Cards

Standard Credit Card size and thickness.CR80 x 30mil (0.76mm) thick.  

100% PVC, gloss laminated for printing of text or graphical images.    

Available in an extensive and interesting range of standard colours including special, fluorescent hi-viz and Pantone colours to order.

High and low coercivity magnetic stripes, signature panels and punched slots also available.

Cards are packed and shrink wrapped in 100s in dust free boxes of 500 cards.

Minimum order quantities may apply to some colours or combinations.

Quantity: 500 cards per box

  FinishMagnetic StripeColourNearest Pantone® Reference
 CR76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoBiscotti Cream7506
 LB76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoVintage Summer297
 RB76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoPacific Blue2945
 RB76-H27-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®Hi-Co 2750oePacific Blue2945
 DB76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoTwilight Blue295
 DB76-H27-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®Hi-Co 2750oeTwilight Blue295
 GR76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoEmerald3415
 GR76-H27-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®Hi-Co 2750oeEmerald3415
 YL76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoCanary Yellow102
 YL76-H27-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®Hi-Co 2750oeCanary Yellow102
 PK76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoMarshmallow1767
 RD76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoPillarbox200
 RD76-H27-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®Hi-Co 2750oePillarbox200
 OR76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoIsland Orange021
 BY76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoClaret208
 PU76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoCrocus2587
 GY76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoBattleship Grey422
 BK76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoOnyx BlackBlack
 BK76-H27-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®Hi-Co 2750oeOnyx BlackBlack
 SI76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoQuicksilver877
 SI76-H27-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®Hi-Co 2750oeQuicksilver877
 LG76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoLiquid Gold871
 LG76-H27-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®Hi-Co 2750oeLiquid Gold871
 DG76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoBallroom Gold875
 DG76-H27-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®Hi-Co 2750oeBallroom Gold875
 BZ76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoAncient Bronze8062
 CL76-A-SCGloss FOTODEK®NoCrystal ClearN/A
  CLM76-A-SCMatt FOTODEK®NoFrosted GlassN/A