Fusers & Maintenance Kits

All our fusers and maintenance kits are also available as OEM and refurbished versions, please call for pricing and availability.

Part No.DescriptionCondition 
CE506A HP 3525/M551 Fuser Assembly 220V CE506ABrown BoxView
RM1-2764-000 HP 3600/3800 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-2764-000Brown BoxView
CE247A HP 4025/4525 Fuser Assembly 220V CE247ABrown BoxView
RM1-0014-000 HP 4200 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-0014-000Brown BoxView
Q2430A HP 4200 Maintenance Kit 220V Q2430ABrown BoxView
RM1-1083-000 HP 4250 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-1083-000Brown BoxView
Q5422A HP 4250 Maintenance Kit 220V Q5422ABrown BoxView
RM1-0102-000 HP 4300 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-0102-000Brown BoxView
Q2437A HP 4300 Maintenance Kit 220V Q2437ABrown BoxView
RM1-1044-000 HP 4345 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-1044-000Brown BoxView
Q5999A HP 4345 Maintenance Kit 220V Q5999ABrown BoxView
RM1-3146-000 HP 4700/4730 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-3146-000Brown BoxView
CB458A HP 6030/6015/6040 Fuser Assembly 220V CB458ABrown BoxView
RG5-5751-000 HP 9000 Fuser Assembly 220V RG5-5751-000Brown BoxView
C9153A HP 9000 Maintenance Kit 220V C9153ABrown BoxView
RM1-8396-000 HP M600/M601/M602/M603 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-8396-000Brown BoxView
CF065A HP M600/M601/M602/M603 Maintenance Kit 220V CF065ABrown BoxView
RM2-6342-000 HP M604/M605/M606 Fuser Assembly 220V RM2-6342-000Brown BoxView
F2G77A HP M604/M605/M606 Maintenance Kit 220V F2G77ABrown BoxView
RM1-1257-000 HP M607/M608/M609 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-1257-000Brown BoxView
L0H25A HP M607/M608/M609 Maintenance Kit 220V L0H25ABrown BoxView
CF235-67922 HP M712/M725 Fuser Assembly 220V CF235-67922Brown BoxView
CF254A HP M712/M725 Maintenance Kit 220V CF254ABrown BoxView
CE515A HP M775 Fuser Assembly 220V CE515ABrown BoxView
CF367-67906 HP M806/M830 Fuser Assembly 220V CF367-67906Brown BoxView
C2H57A HP M806/M830 Maintenance Kit 220V C2H57ABrown BoxView
C1N58A HP M855/M880 Fuser Assembly 220V C1N58ABrown BoxView
RM1-6319-000 HP P3015 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-6319-000Brown BoxView
CE525-67902 HP P3015 Maintenance Kit 220V CE525-67902Brown BoxView
RM1-4579-000 HP P4015/P4515 Fuser Assembly 220V RM1-4579-000Brown BoxView
CB389A HP P4015/P4515 Maintenance Kit 220V CB389ABrown BoxView