Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer

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Get a dual sided printer for the price of a single sided - while stocks last

Unleash the potential of smart cards.

Access control. Financial transactions. Biometric identification. Medical records management. Your ID card may hang at the end of a lanyard, but that's not where its potential ends. Government agencies, large corporations and financial institutions are all tapping into the power of ID card technology, from proximity cards to multifunction smart cards. These card-based applications demand more capable, durable and secure ID cards than ever before. That means prox and smart cards produced in high definition by the Fargo HDP5000 High Definition Card Printer/Encoder.

Improvements you’ll see in every card.

Fargo introduced High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) technology in 1999, and we’ve been advancing the technology ever since. It produces High Definition cards that give you outstanding print quality over embedded electronics, plus high durability and security - the ideal way to produce prox and smart cards. The HDP5000 printer/encoder is our fastest, most efficient HDP model ever, with improvements at every level. Simpler operation requires only minimal training. Cards, ribbons and overlaminates now come in cartridges that literally load in a snap. Sharper image quality and new HDP materials deliver more impressive cards at a lower cost per card. And faster printing helps you fly through the biggest production jobs.

Add dual-sided durability and security - fast.

Applying a holographic overlaminate or holographic HDP Film to the front of an ID card improves its durability and security. An overlaminate on both sides doubles the protection. The HDP5000 laminates both sides of a card simultaneously in one efficient pass.

Since the lamination module has no card flipper, it doesn’t waste time by turning a card over and laminating it again. Saving a few seconds per card may not sound like much. But multiplied by a 5,000- or 10,000-card production run, the savings are substantial.

Base Models

HDP5000 single sided printer - 89600
HDP5000 dual sided printer - 89640
HDP5000 single sided printer with single sided lamination - 89620
HDP5000 dual sided printer with single sided lamination - 89660
HDP5000 dual sided printer with dual sided lamination - 89680

Upgrade Options

Dual sided printing module
Single sided lamination module
Dual sided simultaneous lamination module
ISO magnetic stripe encoder
Dual card input hopper module
200 card single input hopper cartridge with lock

Single Sided Encoding Options

iCLASS, MIFARE/DESFire contactless encoder
HID Prox reader
HID Prox, iCLASS (SE), MIFARE/DESFire, and Seos smart card encoder

Dual Sided Encoding Options

iCLASS, MIFARE/DESFire, and contact smart card encoder
HID Prox and contact smart card encoder
HID Prox, iCLASS, MIFARE/DESFire, and Contact smart card encoder

ID Card Printer Specification

Sided PrintingSingle / Dual
Print MethodRe-Transfer
Colour CapabilityFull Colour / Monochrome
Print Speed113cards/hr
Accepted Card SizesCR80
Accepted Card Thickness30-50mil
Data InterfaceUSB 2.0 & Ethernet
Input Hopper Capacity100 (optional 200 card hopper)
Output Hopper Capacity200
Lamination AvailableYes
Rewritable CardsNo
UV PrintingYes
Printer Warranty3 Years
Printhead WarrantyLifetime

Product Consumables

Part No.Description 
8176081760 Cleaning CardsView
8613186131 Cleaning CardsView
8404984049 YMCKK Half Panel RibbonView
8451084510 YMC RibbonView
8451584515 YMCKI RibbonView
8452084520 YMCIKH RibbonView
8260282602 PolyGuard UV Resistant 1.0 mil Overlaminate, ClearView
8406984069 YMCK RibbonView
8405484054 HDP Holographic Film, High Secure Orbit Design – Universal OrientationView
8261282612 PolyGuard Overlaminate, with Smart Chip CutoutView
8265582655 PolyGuard Overlaminate, with Smart Chip CutoutView
8450084500 Standard Clear FilmView
8451384513 YMCKH RibbonView
8451884518 Premium Black RibbonView
8260082600 PolyGuard Overlaminate, ClearView
8405084050 YMC RibbonView
8405784057 YMCKI RibbonView
8260782607 PolyGuard Overlaminate, Clear Half PatchView
8405984059 YMCKIKI RibbonView
8213382133 Iso-Propyl Cleaning CardsView
8406784067 High Durable HDP FilmView
8451184511 YMCK RibbonView
8451684516 YMCK Half Panel RibbonView
8261582615 Overlaminate, ClearView
8405384053 HDP Film RibbonView
8260382603 PolyGuard Overlaminate, Secure Orbit DesignView
8405184051 YMCK RibbonView
8600486004 Cleaning RollersView
8266582665 PolyGuard 1.0 mil Overlaminate, Education DesignView
8920089200 Cleaning KitView
8450384503 HDP FilmView
8451484514 YMCFK RibbonView
8451984519 YMCKIKI RibbonView
8260182601 PolyGuard Overlaminate, ClearView
8406184061 YMCFK RibbonView
8405284052 YMCKK RibbonView
8260882608 PolyGuard Overlaminate, Clear with Half-PatchView
8450184501 HDP Holographic Film, High Secure Orbit DesignView
8406884068 YMCIKH RibbonView
8451284512 YMCKK RibbonView
8451784517 YMCKK Half Panel RibbonView
8261882618 Overlaminate, Secure Orbit DesignView
8406084060 Premium Black RibbonView
8405684056 YMCKH RibbonView
8260482604 PolyGuard Overlaminate, Secure Orbit DesignView