ID Card Printing Service

Are you looking to get your membership or staff ID cards printed?

The Bannerbridge ID card printing service offers a simple solution for any organisation's ID card requirements. It can produce simple, single-side colour ID cards through to dual-sided ones incorporating security and access control features.

If you are a large company who wants the ease of outsourcing your ID card issuance or a smaller organisation with lower volume requirements, then our easy-to-use service is ideal for you.

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membership cards
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Card Options

card colours

Card Colour

We can print on various card colours, white is the standard colour of our gloss cards, the most popular and versatile for personalisation.

All other colours come in CR80 size (credit card size) and can only have monochrome personalisation. These include metalic gold and silver cards.

card sizes

Card Size

cr80 - this is standard credit card size (86 x 54mm)

cr79 - slightly smaller than standard cards with an adhesive backing, allowing it to be attached to a re-useable proximity/smartcard.

key tag - ideal for loyaly cards at just 1/3 the width of a standard card (28.66 x 54mm)

Find out more about key tag printing
card thickness

Card Thickness

30mil - this is the same thickness as a standard credit card

20mil - slightly thinner than standard for when flexibility is required

magnetic stripe

Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic stripe encoding can be used for door entry and similar applications, please let us know the data required for your system and we will then be able to write to the magnetic stripe to complete the card personalisation.

slot punch

Slot Punch

We can slot punch a hole in the printed card, in either landscape or portrait orientation.

This allows the card to be attached to a lanyard card holder.

Printing Options

single or dual sided

Single or Dual Sided

We can print on just one or both sides of the card in either full colour or monochrome.

Full colour - is ideal if you require colour logos, text or photographs.

Monochrome - is a solid colour only, such as black, white, green, red etc. This is the only option if you require a coloured base card (not suitable for some logos or if a photograph is required).

card personalisation


Personalisation is the adding of unique individual information, such as name, employee number, barcode. Ideal for memberships, employee numbers etc.

This can be printed on the front, back or both sides of the card.

Encoding Options

card encoding

We can encode to your cards that have contactless smart chips, also known as Mifare and DESfire chip. We simply need from you the information to be encoded. If you are using HID Global's proximity cards, we can read from these and print out the encoded number.

Security Options

card security

If you want increased visual security on your cards then we can offer custom foil cards, using an image of your choice. The foil is placed on to the card at the point of the cards manufacture and we can them print your personalised cards around this.