HID Fargo ID Card Printer Repair & Support Centre

Technical Support

Please call 01268 886619 for technical support on your ID card printer.
Our experienced technical team is available between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday

Service Centre Repair

Bannerbridge is an Authorised Repair Centre for Fargo and Datacard ID card printers.

Our repair department will undertake both warranty and non-warranty repairs in house under the following terms and conditions.

Warranty and non-warranty in-house repairs should be returned to us in original manufacturer's packing using a courier or in person. In the case of a courier, they must be contracted by the sender for insurance purposes. N.B Bannerbridge plc cannot be held responsible for any item that is lost or damaged in transit unless we have packed the shipment and contracted the courier. Any claims for damage, where the sender has contracted the courier, must be made by the sender.

Warranty repairs will be inspected, tested and the fault diagnosed and will then repaired or exchanged at the discretion of Bannerbridge plc and, with the possible exception of printheads, which come with a strict, conditional manufacturer's warranty that excludes damage or misuse, no charge will be made. Printheads or other parts that are found to be faulty due to abrasion, electrostatic damage or other forms of misuse, will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Warranty repairs where there is no fault found, may be charged an inspection fee of £100 + VAT at the discretion of the company.

For all repairs outside of the warranty period, an inspection fee of £100 + VAT will be charged to diagnose the fault correctly. On receipt of the product, the item will be inspected and the fault diagnosed. A quote will then be sent which will include replacement parts (if applicable), a labour charge and return courier charges.

  • If you wish to proceed with the repair, the £100 + VAT inspection fee will be waived and you only have to pay the remainder of the quoted amount.
  • If you decide not to proceed with the quoted work and want your item returned to you, the £100 + VAT inspection fee must be paid plus return courier charges.
  • If you do not want to proceed with the repair and do not want the item returned, please confirm this in writing and we will dispose of the unit in an environmentally acceptable way. If equipment is left here unclaimed for 3 months, we will dispose of it without further reference to the owner.

Any items received in unsuitable or inadequate packing with be repacked by us in robust, custom foam packing and the cost passed on to the sender.

Single Site Visits

We provide a site visit service for most of the country, charged inclusive of travel. We quote for any parts needed either before the visit, or during, depending on the circumstances. Remote locations are subject to a special quote as they may involve air travel and overnight accommodation.

Maintenance Agreements

On site, next day response, repair completed during visit (best endeavors). Cover is based on Monday to Friday within standard office hours. Prices are dependent on location within in the UK. Please call for details.

Printer Technical and User Training

To enable users to optimize the performance and life of their ID card printer and supplies, we offer in-house or on-site half and full day technical and user training. Costs depend on location and number of attendees. Call or email for details.

RMA Requests

If you wish to return a printer for a service or repair please enter your details on the form below.

A Returns Materials Authorisation (RMA) number form with our reference number, return address and your confirmed details will be emailed to you.

Please enclose a copy of the form with the product when you return it to us and remember to use the original manufacturer's packaging. If this is not available, please ensure that the printer is protected by bubble wrap, foam or other approved packaging materials to prevent damage in transit. Couriers can handle goods roughly so, if equipment is received damaged, the onus will be on the sender to either make an insurance claim or to pay us to rectify the damage before we can commence the repair.

Please do not return goods without an RMA number, as it could be rejected on delivery.

Finally, please do not return data leads, consumables* or power supplies, unless instructed to do so by our engineers.

* The Fargo HDP5000 must be returned with all consumables and cradles included.

RMA Request Form

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