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Line Matrix Consumables

Part No.Description 
107675-001Printronix 107675-001 Extended Life Text RibbonView
107675-005Printronix 107675-005 Bar Code / OCR RibbonView
107675-007Printronix 107675-007 Extended Life Text Ribbon View
107675-008Printronix 107675-008 Bar Code / OCR Ribbon View
136424-001Printronix 136424-001 Red Text RibbonView
136424-002Printronix 136424-002 Blue Text RibbonView
136424-003Printronix 136424-003 Green Text RibbonView
171865-001Printronix 171865-001 Security Ribbon View
172293-001Printronix 172293-001 Gold Series 30 RibbonView
174802-001Printronix 174802-001 Security RibbonView
175006-001Printronix 175006-001 Gold Series 50 RibbonView
175220-001Printronix 175220-001 Gold Series 2000 RibbonView
175355-001Printronix 175355-001 Laundry RibbonView
179006-001Printronix 179006-001 Gold Series 90 RibbonView
179488-001Printronix 179488-001 Label RibbonView
179490-001Printronix 179490-001 Red Colored Text RibbonView
179491-001Printronix 179491-001 Blue Colored Text RibbonView
179492-001Printronix 179492-001 Green Colored Text RibbonView
179494-001Printronix 179494-001 Quick Dry RibbonView
179496-001Printronix 179496-001 Tamper Evident RibbonView
179498-001Printronix 179498-001 Laundry RibbonView
179499-001Printronix 179499-001 Ultra Capacity RibbonView
250145-001Printronix 250145-001 Ultra Capacity RibbonView
255048-101Printronix 255048-101 Extended Life Cartridge RibbonView
255049-101Printronix 255049-101 Standard Life Cartridge RibbonView
255050-401Printronix 255050-401 Extended Life Cartridge RibbonView
255161-001Printronix 255161-001 Ultra Capacity Plus RibbonView
255163-001Printronix 255163-001 Standard Capacity RibbonView
255164-001Printronix 255164-001 Ultra Capacity Plus HD RibbonView
255542-401Printronix 255542-401 Extended Life Security Cartridge RibbonView
41U1680-PTXPrintronix 41U1680-PTX Ultra Capacity Ribbon View
45U3891-PTXPrintronix 45U3891-PTX Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon View
45U3900-PTXPrintronix 45U3900-PTX Extended Life Cartridge RibbonView