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Summer Madness - Don't be Hot & Bothered

04/07/2018   Promotions
Purchase any combination of our OEM plain boxed fuser or maintenance kits plus the toner for your printer and claim an additional 10% discount on our already low prices.

GENICOM Trade-In Programme

01/09/2017   Promotions

Do you own an old GENICOM 38x0/39x0 dot matrix printer? The ribbons for these printers were phased out in August.

Update your Primera firmware for free to save money and increase print quality!

09/02/2017   Tips

Primera continuously improve their products. Therefore we are happy to announce new firmware updates for the LX500e and Disc Publisher SE-3

Annoyed with dried out ink cartridges? You can now reactivate your Primera inks!

09/02/2017   Tips

Have you experienced a dried ink tank in your LX500e, DP SE-3, DP-41xx or Primera Trio?

It is possible that cartridges can dry out when your printer is not used over a longer period.

Platinum Partner for HID Global

09/02/2017   Case Studies

We are very happy to announce that our position as one of the leading HID Global Partners for Secure Issuance has been proven further.

Hi, I'm the New Disc Publisher SE-3 - Great to Meet You!

22/11/2016   Products

The long serving Primera DP SE disc publisher has now come to the end of production, having been manufactured for many years. However it’s been superseded by the, even better, DP SE-3.

PIY Ribbon Printer at BFA Fleurex

22/11/2016   Exhibitions

P.I.Y. Ribbons by Bannerbridge was invited to attend and display at BFA Fleurex, the annual show for professional florists, which took place last October.

Trio goes to Hollywood

13/10/2016   Products

We already know that the Primera Trio is an all-round talent. But now Hollywood is aware of it too.

Four Oaks Trade Show

13/10/2016   Exhibitions

Four Oaks is a commercial horticultural show now in its 47th year. The venue is a 23 acre nursery site in Cheshire UK, close to the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope.

Printronix Auto ID Launches the High-Performance T6000 Industrial Barcode Printer Series

13/10/2016   Products

Designed for the mid-range market, the T6000 is engineered for industrial applications such as manufacturing, automotive, transportation, retail, transport and logistics.

Primera Trade In & Upgrade

12/10/2016   Promotions

Primera Technology Europe have launched a Trade In programme which allows owners of a Disc Publisher, Disc Publisher II, PRO, XR, XRP or Xi to upgrade to a newer, better machine with a superb discount.

Condé Nast Vogue House Selects Flexible, Reliable and Stylish HID Solution

27/09/2016   Case Studies

Two Fargo Direct-to-Card printers were purchased from Bannerbridge Plc, one of Fargo’s UK distributors, enabling Vogue to customise photo ID cards for staff and visitors.

Morpho Sigma Range Biometric Fingerprint Readers

19/09/2016   Products

Prices reduced and now weatherproof as standard.

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

19/09/2016   Promotions

Bannerbridge now offer printer rentals of dot matrix, thermal, line matrix and ribbon printers on a monthly basis.

Speciality & Fine Food Fair

19/09/2016   Exhibitions

We recently worked alongside Primera Europe at the ever popular Speciality & Fine Food Fair at Olympia London, where we demonstrated the Primera LX-series high quality short run colour label printers and AP-series label applicators.

Retail Wrapping gets Personal at Hallmark

16/09/2016   Case Studies

Something Special, the Hallmark franchisee based in Merseyside, has added a new and profitable revenue stream to their store with the PIY (print-it-yourself) Ribbon System, supplied and supported by Bannerbridge.

Getting the Best From a Resin Ribbon

15/08/2016   Tips

Specify which area to print using resin 'true' black only

Back to School

15/08/2016   Products

It may only be August and still the summer holidays, but schools, colleges and universities across the country are preparing for the new term in September.

Original Liqueurs - Original Labels

29/07/2016   Case Studies
For the ultimate personalised gift The Wiltshire Liqueur Company uses LX-Series Label Printers for their Bespoke Labelling Service

Save Money and get Extra Prints from Fargo's Colour Print Ribbons

13/07/2016   Tips
When using a Fargo colour ID card printer you would be surprised how easy it is to save money by using a half panel colour ribbon.

NEW! CD, DVD, BluRay with all-new WaterShield™ and WaterSafe Surfaces Available

13/07/2016   Products

To produce exceptional CD/DVDs for all kinds of applications you not only need advanced print technology as integrated in Primera's CD/DVD/BD Disc Publishers but also high-quality supplies.

The New Model of Efficiency

13/07/2016   Products
Introducing the NEW Fargo® DTC5500LMX ID Card Printer/Laminator

Request a Primera Label Sample Book

13/07/2016   Products
There is a new updated Primera LX-Series Sample Book with the new Paper Semi Gloss substrate and a few updates in the overview sheet.

Don't Bin It, Trade It

13/07/2016   Promotions

Use your old ID card printer to gain a discount on a new one.

Do you need to print colour on the front of your card and only need black on the reverse?

11/07/2016   Tips
Fargo dual side printers have the ‘split ribbon’ printing feature.

The Future of Retransfer Printing

11/07/2016   Products
Bannerbridge is excited to announce the availability of the new FARGO® HDP5600 ID Card Printer and Encoder with optional 600 dpi print capability.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

11/07/2016   Products
The new LX500e colour label printer from Primera Technology prints up to 270% times faster than the previous model, the LX400e.
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