Personalised Printed Key Tag Cards

key tag cards

Let Bannerbridge print beautiful colour keytag cards for your business. These durable, high quality plastic cards are perfect as promotional, loyalty and identification tools. The 3up style lets you snap off the tags to give out when needed to customers, club members, family and friends, in fact whatever the need, these cards will prove useful.

Printed to a sharp, high definition, scratch resistant finish and completely waterproof, the key tag cards are an ideal and practical way of ensuring your company name is never forgotten.

Keytag cards have the following characteristics:

  • 760 micron thick, the same as a bankcard
  • Made from hard wearing PVC
  • 28mm x 54mm individual size
  • Gloss finish
  • Printed colour on one or both sides
  • Optional barcode, standard types and QR.
key tag cards
key tag cards

We are happy to help you with any other features and whatever your needs, we will do our very best to accommodate. We have a fast turnaround time and there is no design charge, simply tell us how you want the cards to look and email us your logos etc and we will do the rest.

Sample price

500 full colour keytag cards, printed both sides @ £150.00