Plain Blank ID Cards

Plain Plastic ID Cards

Non-technology (i.e. non-smartchip) white, plastic cards are available in both PVC, a highly durable composite PET/ PVC combination and also bio-degradable compounds.

PVC and Composite Cards

100% film laminated PVC is the most commonly used material and is the least costly. Composite PET/PVC film laminated cards are more durable and have a better ability to disperse heat. These are recommended for use in re-transfer printers which subject the cards to higher temperatures than direct to card printers. Cards are available in CR80 credit card size, which is 85.72mm x 53.97mm and in three standard thicknesses, 320 micron, 420 micron and 760 micron. These cards can be supplied with magnetic strips, self-adhesive backs and with re-writeable surfaces. They can also be supplied pre-printed front and/or back in many colours, including metallic gold, bronze and silver. It is even possible to have them pre-printed in Pantone colours.

Bio or Eco Cards

Bio-degradable cards can be printed like standard PVC cards. They are specifically formulated so the base material will bio-degrade over a period of up to 5 years in landfill. All that is left is a residue that permeates into the soil or water leaving no toxic footprint on the environment. These cards perform the same way on a day to day basis and can be used with our card printers and exposed to the same conditions without problems. The cards are non-toxic and contain no ozone-depleting ingredients.

Self-Adhesive Cards

These cards are used to enable personalised printing on old style proximity cards that do not have printable surfaces or to re-use an existing proximity or smartcard where the card holder's details need to be amended and where the card may have gone out of date. They can also be used to repair damaged cards. There are special Mylar backed cards that are designed to be printed in re-transfer printers where the internal temperatures would damage a normal self adhesive card. Self-adhesive cards are normally 10 or 20 mil thick and are printed in the normal way with personalised details and then, once the backing is removed, they are carefully stuck to the old card. This should have been cleaning with isopropanol first to remove any residual dirt or oily deposits.

Re-writeable Cards

These are ECO friendly cards that can be written to in blue or black using a printer with re-write capabilities. They can be erased and printed up to 500 times. This thermal printing is a ribbon-free process and the cards can incorporate a magstripe, and contact and contactless chip technologies. There is no material wastage and no consumables to purchase.

Credit Card 2-up & 3-up Name and Key Tags

We offer a range of 2up and 3up key cards with punched holes for personalising using retransfer card printers. The 2up badge size is 73 x 22mm and the 3up key tag size is 54 x 28.5mm. Once printed, they can be snapped off into the individual key fobs.

Coloured Cards

Coloured cards are available in a range of forty fabulous colours including metallic and fluorescing with either coloured cores or white cores with pre-printed surfaces. Magnetic strips, signature panels and slots are available at additional costs. Pantone matched colours can be supplied to order.

Custom Pre-Printed and Foiled Cards

We can supply cards litho or screen pre-printed and ready to be personalised. Non-technology cards, contact and contactless smart cards and bio cards can be all be custom pre-printed front and back with graphics, text, barcodes, Guilloche patterns, UV and thermo-chromic inks and other security features. All you need to do is supply the artwork. We can even design your cards as part of the order for an hourly charge. We can also supply cards with custom holographic foils and less complex HD hot stamp foils. Custom print and foiled card deliveries are usually made within two to three weeks of proof approval. Please call 01268 886623 for a quotation or a sample.