Plain Blank ID Cards

Our plain plastic ID cards come in various options to suit your needs. We offer non-technology white plastic cards made from highly durable PVC, a composite PET/PVC combination, or even bio-degradable compounds for environmentally conscious solutions.

PVC and Composite Cards: Our 100% film laminated PVC cards are cost-effective and widely used. For increased durability and heat resistance, consider our composite PET/PVC film laminated cards. These are recommended for re-transfer printers, which operate at higher temperatures. Our cards are available in CR80 credit card size with three standard thickness options: 320 micron, 420 micron, and 760 micron. They can also include magnetic strips, self-adhesive backs, or re-writeable surfaces, and can be pre-printed in various colors, including metallic gold, bronze, and silver.

Bio or Eco Cards: Choose our bio-degradable cards for an eco-friendly option. These cards biodegrade over time in landfill conditions, leaving no toxic footprint. They perform just like standard PVC cards, are non-toxic, and contain no ozone-depleting ingredients.

Self-Adhesive Cards: Our self-adhesive cards are perfect for personalizing old proximity cards or repairing damaged cards. They can be printed and carefully attached to the old card surface. Special Mylar-backed cards are available for re-transfer printers.

Re-writeable Cards: Opt for our ECO-friendly re-writeable cards. These cards can be written to in blue or black using printers with re-write capabilities. They can be erased and reprinted up to 500 times, and they support magstripes and chip technologies without any material wastage.

Credit Card 2-up & 3-up Name and Key Tags: We offer 2-up and 3-up key cards with punched holes, ideal for personalizing using retransfer card printers. These key tags can be easily snapped into individual key fobs.

Colored Cards: Explore our range of forty vibrant colors, including metallic and fluorescing options, with colored or white cores and pre-printed surfaces. Additional features like magnetic strips, signature panels, and slots are available upon request, and we can provide Pantone-matched colors for custom orders.

Custom Pre-Printed and Foiled Cards: We offer custom pre-printing services for various card types, including non-technology cards, contact and contactless smart cards, and bio cards. Our customization options include graphics, text, barcodes, security features like UV and thermo-chromic inks, and even custom holographic foils. We can assist with design or work with your supplied artwork, delivering your personalized cards within two to three weeks of proof approval.