PIY Ribbons Print-it-Yourself Ribbon Printing Machine

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PIY Ribbons  Print-it-Yourself Ribbon Printing Machine

This unique in-store ribbon printing machine comprises a tablet computer with stand and desktop ribbon printer to offer personalised wrapping ribbons at point-of-sale.

The starter kit includes everything you need to offer this service in your shop. In 15 minutes the printer is ready to use on your desk and you can start selling ribbons.

  • Authentic wrapping - The finishing touch for every gift, little present or expression of support.
  • Personal message - Every ribbon becomes a personal message and has the ability to add images & logos.
  • Added Value - Determine your sales price and order your material for the best prices in our shop.

The ways to use a luxurious satin ribbon are endless. From a personal message wrapped around a bottle of wine, some chocolates or a bouquet, welcoming words in a restaurant or on a pillow in a hotel to a last tribute on a funeral or to cut a ribbon at an opening.

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