Printronix Auto ID Printheads

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Part No.DescriptionCondition 
251237-001Printronix Auto ID 251237-001 SL5206r, 6 inch, 203 dpi, RFID PrintheadNewView
251238-001Printronix Auto ID 251238-001 SL5306r, 6 inch, 300 dpi, RFID PrintheadNewView
252379-001Printronix Auto ID 252379-001 T4M & SL4M, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
252380-001Printronix Auto ID 252380-001 T4M & SL4M, 305 dpi PrintheadNewView
257341-003Printronix Auto ID 257341-003 T2N, 203 dpi Printhead NewView
257341-004Printronix Auto ID 257341-004 T2N, 305 dpi Printhead NewView
258704-001Printronix Auto ID 258704-001 T8204, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
258704-002Printronix Auto ID 258704-002 T8304, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
258705-001Printronix Auto ID 258705-001 T8206, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
258705-002Printronix Auto ID 258705-002 T8306, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
258706-001Printronix Auto ID 258706-001 T8208, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
258706-002Printronix Auto ID 258706-002 T8308, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
258707-001Printronix Auto ID 258707-001 T8204, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
258707-002Printronix Auto ID 258707-002 T8304, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
258708-001Printronix Auto ID 258708-001 T8206, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
258708-001Printronix Auto ID 258708-001 T8306, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
258709-001Printronix Auto ID 258709-001 T8208, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
258709-002Printronix Auto ID 258709-002 T8308, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220063-901Printronix Auto ID P220063-901 T6000, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220063-902Printronix Auto ID P220063-902 T6000, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220064-901Printronix Auto ID P220064-901 T6000, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220064-902Printronix Auto ID P220064-902 T6000, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220065-901Printronix Auto ID P220065-901 T6000, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220065-902Printronix Auto ID P220065-902 T6000, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220119-001Printronix Auto ID P220119-001 T400, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220120-001Printronix Auto ID P220120-001 T400, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220227-020Printronix Auto ID P220227-020 T600, 203 dpi PrintheadNewView
P220227-021Printronix Auto ID P220227-021 T600, 300 dpi PrintheadNewView