Datacard SD460 ID Card Printer

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As counterfeiting and alteration attempts have grown more sophisticated, so have the card security features that let you easily verify identity and authenticity. The Datacard® SD460™ card printer delivers everything you need to increase the security and durability of your ID cards. With this reliable, all-in-one printer, encoder and laminator, you can add unique personalization features and secure overlays to help resist fraud. Plus, you can produce cards that last longer, helping you avoid costly re-issuance.

  • Patent pending tactile impression feature that makes cards more secure
  • Faster system throughput — up to 200 cards per hour single-sided — with less downtime
  • Cost-effective security and durability features, lower total cost of ownership
  • A unique patent pending card debow feature that flattens cards after lamination

ID Card Printer Specification

Sided PrintingDual
Print MethodDirect-to-Card
Colour CapabilityFull Colour / Monochrome
Print Speed200cards/hr
Accepted Card SizesCR80
Data InterfaceUSB 2.0 / Ethernet
Input Hopper Capacity100
Output Hopper Capacity100
Lamination AvailableYes
Rewritable CardsNo
UV PrintingNo
Printer Warranty3 Years
Printhead Warranty30 Months

Product Consumables

Part No.Description 
508982-401508982-401 DuraGard Optigram Laminate, "Utopia" with Magnetic StripeView
532000-007532000-007 Gold RibbonView
534000-007534000-007 YMCKT-K RibbonView
552141-002552141-002 Cleaning CardsView
508668-002508668-002 DuraGard Laminate, Clear with Smart Card WindowView
508944-901508944-901 DuraGard UV Protective Laminate, ClearView
532000-052532000-052 Black HQ RibbonView
508808-001508808-001 DuraGard OptiSelect Laminate, "Secure Globe"View
508982-001508982-001 DuraGard Optigram Laminate, "Utopia"View
532000-008532000-008 Green RibbonView
508913-401508913-401 DuraGard Optigram UV Protective Laminate, "Datacard Certified Supplies" with Magnetic StripeView
532000-009532000-009 Scratch-Off, Silver Wavy RibbonView
534000-009534000-009 YMCK-K RibbonView
558436-001558436-001 Laminator Cleaning CardsView
508785-002508785-002 DuraGard Laminate, Clear with Smart Card WindowView
534000-004534000-004 ymcKT (short panel) RibbonView
508834-001508834-001 DuraShield Overlay, ClearView
532000-004532000-004 White RibbonView
508982-002508982-002 DuraGard OptiSelect Laminate, "Secure Lock"View
508913-001508913-001 DuraGard Optigram Laminate UV Protective Laminate, "Datacard Certified Supplies"View
532000-054532000-054 Metallic Silver RibbonView
534000-010534000-010 KTT RibbonView
569946-001569946-001 Adhesive Cleaning KitView
508668-903508668-903 DuraGard Laminate, Clear with Mag StripeView
534000-002534000-002 YMCKT RibbonView
508944-902508944-902 DuraGard UV Protective Laminate, Clear with Smart Card WindowView
532000-053532000-053 Black HQ RibbonView
508808-301508808-301 DuraGard OptiSelect Laminate, "Secure Globe" with Smart Card WindowView
508982-301508982-301 DuraGard Optigram Laminate, "Utopia" with Smart Card WindowView
532000-006532000-006 Silver RibbonView
508808-002508808-002 DuraGard OptiExpress Laminate, (Compass)View
534000-006534000-006 YMCKT-KT RibbonView
534000-011534000-011 YMCKF-KT RibbonView
508668-001508668-001 DuraGard Laminate, ClearView
508785-903508785-903 DuraGard Laminate, Clear with Mag stripeView
534000-005534000-005 KT RibbonView
508832-001508832-001 Topcoat, ClearView
532000-005532000-005 Red RibbonView
508982-302508982-302 DuraGard OptiSelect Laminate, "Secure Lock" with Smart Card WindowView
508913-301508913-301 DuraGard Optigram UV Protective Laminate, "Datacard Certified Supplies" with Smart Card WindowView
532000-055532000-055 Metallic Gold RibbonView
534000-008534000-008 YMCK RibbonView
507377-001507377-001 Cleaning SwabsView
508785-001508785-001 DuraGard Laminate, 1.0 mil, ClearView
534000-003534000-003 YMCKT RibbonView
508944-903508944-903 DuraGard UV Protective Laminate, Clear with Magnetic StripeView
532000-003532000-003 Dark Blue RibbonView
508808-401508808-401 DuraGard OptiSelect Laminate, "Secure Globe" with Magnetic StripeView

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