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Design, Issue and Manage Credentials - Anywhere, Anytime

For organizations large and small, the Datacard TruCredential suite is the easier, intuitive solution for creating, issuing and managing secure IDs and credentials. This powerful software suite, complete with next generation technology, empowers organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements, from basic photo IDs to high-assurance credentials. Designed to meet your needs today and set a solid foundation for the future, it offers a series of feature-rich editions and an enhanced user experience. With TruCredential suite, you can easily scale from a single workstation or user to a multi-workstation, enterprise-wide application with more functionality and less complexity.

Simple Start-Up. Get up and running faster with pre-configured credential design templates, workflow templates for card configuration, capture screens for easy enrollment and data capture. Plus, pre-built support for desktop printers and capture devices empower you to run your credential program with complete confidence.

Powerful User Experience. This web-based software offers a modern approach to the user interface. An intuitive step-by-step set-up and workflow makes it easy to operate, design, print to any device and add multiple users.

Scalability as Your Needs Grow. A true future-ready technology platform, the suite grows, adapts and improves with you. Our dedication to providing updates and continuously improving our software gives you the tools you need to succeed. Enterprise Interfaces. Built based on best practices and industry standards, this suite optimizes your entire credential issuance process by providing pre-built integration with access control and HR systems.

 Express Plus Professional Enterprise
Image File Input
Magnetic Stripe Support
Bar Code Support
QR Code Support
Text File Import / Export
Multiple-Table Databases
Embedded Database
Microsoft Access Database Support
Signature Capture 
Composite Field 
Camera Support 
Microsoft SQL Server Support 
Stock Reports 
Co-branding support 
Smart card support  
Document scan  
Oracle DB support  
Active Directory support  
Access Control integration support   
HR System integration support   
Number of user(s)111 to 201 to 100
Number of records licensed1,00050,000100,000200,000

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