MB240 Series Printer Parts

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32-0680010-00LFElectronics cover
37-1503004-32LFScrew, M3*4, MOQ 50 pcs
37-1503005-22LFScrew, M3*5, MOQ 50 pcs
30-0680002-00LFLower media cover
98-0680010-00LFTop right side cover assembly
30-0680006-00LFUpper rear media cover
30-0680004-00LFMedia window
98-0680015-00LFMedia damper assembly
30-0680003-10LFLower front panel
98-0680024-00LFLED panel assembly (MB240 Series)
98-0680009-00LFLCD panel assembly (MB240T Series)
30-0680026-10LFLED front panel cover (MB240 Series)
98-0680058-00LFLED panel board assembly
37-1403006-74LFScrew, TP3*6
30-0680007-10LFLCD front panel cover (MB240T Series)
66-TAK1350-00LF3.5" LCD (MB240T Series)
98-0680067-10LFLCD panel board assembly
37-1403006-74LFScrew, TP3*6
72-0680001-00LFLCD FFC cable (MB240T Series)
72-0680002-00LFLED cable (MB240 Series)
72-0680003-00LFPrint head harness cable
98-0680014-00LFPlaten roller assembly
37-1503004-G4LFScrew, M3*4, MOQ 50 pcs
32-0420008-10LFTear bar
98-0680030-00LFPrint engine lower mechanism assembly
98-0680013-00LFMedia sensor assembly
98-0680034-00LFMain board assembly
37-1503006-74LFScrew for main board assembly, M3*6
37-1503006-74LFScrew, M3*6
32-0680011-00LFPower Bracket (for power supply)
62-0680090-10LFPower supply unit
72-0520010-01LFReal Time Clock
37-1504008-84LFScrew for Stepping motor assembly, M4*8L,
37-1503008-34LFScrew, M3*8, MOQ 50 pcs
98-0680006-00LFStepping motor assembly
98-0680063-00LFRibbon end sensor assembly
98-0680064-00LFRibbon encoder sensor assembly
98-0680007-00LFRibbon rewind spindle assembly
98-0680008-00LFRibbon supply spindle assembly
98-0680011-00LFLabel supply spindle assembly
32-0550003-01LFLabel supply spindle
30-0680028-00LFLabel roll guard
30-0680001-00LF3" core adapters
98-0680019-00LFRegular guillotine cutter module
72-0180100-00LFPower cord/ US
 72-0180100-01LFPower cord/ EU
72-0180100-02LFPower cord/ UK
72-0180100-03LFPower cord/ AU
72-0180100-14LFPower cord/ JP
72-0180100-05LFPower cord/ CH
72-0180100-0DLFPower cord/ CN
72-0180100-09LFPower cord/ BR
72-0180100-0KLFPower cord/ KC
72-0180100-0MLFPower cord/ TW
72-0180100-0LLFPower cord/ TW (second source)
72-0180100-0PLFPower cord/ RU
72-0010030-00LFUSB cable (1500 mm)
98-0680033-00LFGPIO interface assembly (DB15F)
98-0680016-00LFPeel-off kit (including peel-off module, internal rewinding spindle assembly, and liner securing clip)
98-0680017-00LFPeel-off module
98-0680018-00LFInternal rewinding spindle assembly
98-0680025-00LFLiner securing clip
98-0510097-00LFSlot-in Wi-Fi module with antenna and transfer board (dealer option)
98-0510095-00LFSlot-in Wi-Fi module (dealer option)
98-0510091-00LFSlot-in Wi-Fi housing with transfer board (dealer option)
98-0680057-00LFInternal Bluetooth 4.2 module
98-0680035-00LFCutter tray (user option)
98-0680036-00LFInternal rewinding kit (5”O.D)
32-0680040-00LFInternal rewinding panel
98-0680039-00LFInternal rewinding spindle assembly
98-0680038-00LFInternal label roll guard for internal rewinding spindle assembly
98-0680037-00LFExternal label roll guard for internal rewinding spindle assembly
98-0680041-00LFMB240 Print engine module (203 dpi)
98-0680041-01LFMB340 Print engine module (300 dpi)
98-0680042-0ALFAccessory for MB240(LED) print module +  Rewinder kit+GPIO (DB15F)/CN
98-0680043-0ALFAccessory for MB240T (LCD) print module +Rewinder kit+GPIO(DB15F)/CN
98-0680044-0ALFAccessory for MB240T (LCD) print module +Rewinder kit/CN
98-0680045-0ALFAccessory for MB240T (LCDD) print module + GPIO(DB15F)/CN
98-0680046-0ALFAccessory for MB240T(LCD) print module/CN
98-0T80022-00LFCleaning pen (MOQ 12PCS/CTN)
34-0680001-00LFPacking Carton_MB240 series
34-0680002-00LFFront Cushion Packing
34-0680003-00LFRear Cushion Packing
34-0680004-00LFUpper mechanism cushion packing
34-0680005-00LFPacking Polybag